At ARH Roofing, it is our mission to provide the homeowners of California with affordable, quality services. Construction projects, big or small, require a sense of focus and dedication that only we can provide. It can be stressful trying to determine what level of service is required, and we want to take the stress out of any roofing project so you can focus on your life. We are experienced, we are dedicated, and we have a talented team that is waiting to get started on your next project!

We know that if you give ARH Roofing a chance you will not regret it. We want to help take your roofing project to the next level by utilizing our core values to make your vision come to life. We welcome you to check out our site and see all the wonderful services that are available. Never hesitate to reach out and contact us with any questions. We look forward to serving you!


Remember that core value of Adaptability? We mean it. Challenges are always lurking in the background. Sometimes existing structures are worse off than thought, or the foundational soil in the backyard is not what was first estimated. We can do this. We will make it work for you. Having good contingency plans and options is why ARH Roofing is one of the top contractors in the area.

We are fully licensed to perform roofing projects. Our team of experts utilize our core value of communication to connect with our customers to determine what direction they would like to go in. They will help flesh out design ideas, determine if a customer’s ideas can work in the space provided, and provide alternate options if they can’t. We never let anything get in the way of achieving the goals we set.

Quality Projects & Experiences – Our team has worked in all types of markets, so we have a diverse skillset. This allows us to perform top-quality jobs, while still being mindful of our customer’s budgets. We use modern technology coupled with classic construction concepts to provide a quality experience.

Affordable Services made Simple – We don’t complicate things by going over the top. We keep our customer’s budgets in mind when we start a project. We would all love the best of the best, but at ARH, we can help you find top-quality options at affordable prices.

Staying on Time – Nothing can be more nerve-wracking than a construction delay. This can especially be true when starting a new construction project from the ground up. Sometimes these are caused by weather or sometimes they are caused by lack of available materials. These situations are not always avoidable, but we at ARH can guarantee we will do our best to plan, adapt when needed, and utilize our core value of Communication to keep our customers updated and informed on the progress of their project.