Flat Roofs: Professional Installation, Replacement & Repairs

The amount of area that can be used above and below the roof can be greatly increased with flat roofs. They also provide a contemporary and fashionable touch to any structure. Contact the experienced California roofing contractors at ARH Roofing for high-quality roofing solutions. For residential and business clients in California, we provide flat roof systems.

The fact that a flat roof isn’t genuinely flat is the most crucial thing to understand about it. Flat roofs are always constructed on a modest incline—at least 1/8 inch per foot—to prevent water from collecting and eventually infiltrating the home. Many slopes go toward gutters or scupper holes that lead to downspouts in multiple directions, like squashed hip roofs. Rainwater does not naturally run off the roof and into the gutters since they do not have steep slopes. The selection of the appropriate flat roof systems for your particular roof is vitally essential. Systems for flat roofs include more than just one layer itself.

Single-Ply Roof Systems

The flat roofing market’s fastest-growing sector is thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO. TPO is being used more frequently in southern climates, where cool, reflecting, and energy-efficient roof solutions are becoming standard. TPO membranes have been directly linked to a decrease in a building’s energy use and cooling expenses and are ENERGY STAR® rated and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) approved. TPO also provides outstanding resistance to substances found on rooftops, including acids, oils, and greases.

For many years, the European and North American markets have seen excellent performance from the membrane made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC membranes are a different choice for reflective roofing that is ENERGY STAR® rated and CRRC-certified, potentially saving building owners money on cooling costs.

Given its 45-year performance history, low maintenance requirements, and exceptional weather resistance, EPDM is the best roofing material for the majority of northern regions. Southern regions, where the need for cooling is greater than the need for heating and where reflection is advantageous, are best suited for white EPDM and ballasted assemblies. The installation of EPDM roof systems is simple and doesn’t call for any specialized tools or sophisticated machinery.

Built-Up Roofing Systems

A built-up roof (BUR) is a type of roofing assembly made up of asphalt and asphalt-coated reinforced sheets layered alternately. The colour of the top layer affects BUR’s reflectivity. Aggregate, smooth, mineral cap, and protective coating are the surfacing possibilities for BUR.

Modified Modified bituminous membranes are used to create roofing assemblies known as bitumen roofs. The built-up roofing system made of modified bitumen is a hybrid system. The advantages of the inherent redundancy of continuous, post-tensioned, concrete construction is improved strength, flexibility, and UV resistance of a modified membrane are all present in this system. Modified bitumen membranes are made of a mixture of asphalt and polymer that enables the asphalt to adopt polymer properties.

Torch Down is perfect for slightly pitched flat roofs. It is cost-effective, very durable, and quick to install given that it is done by a certified professional with years of experience. How so?

Torch Down for Flat Roof consists of 2-3 layers of modified bitumen: Base Sheet, Cap Sheet, and Granule Cap Sheet (for 3 layers option). They are welded by a blowtorch – yes, a blowtorch – to the roof surface and layer them. When they are at the right temperature, they are melted together to create a waterproof seal. This makes the roof waterproof, heat resistant, cold resistant, and wind resistant. Given the durability of the roof, this will have a lifespan of 30-40 years with proper maintenance.

ARH Roofing has years of experience in installation, maintenance, and repairs of roofs. We take care of our valued customers’ roofs as if it is our own by following standard quality procedures while using high-grade materials for a rational cost.

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