Commercial and Residential Silicone Roof Coating

At ARH Roofing, we take great pride in providing a residential and commercial roof coating services. Silicone Coating is a great product for restoring, repairing and protecting your existing roof from deteriorating, leaks, rust, blisters and seams damage. Also, this coating is renowned for its toughness, withstanding whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

We will work with you to upgrade the performance of your roof, turning it from a leaky, outdated topside barrier into a cool, energy-saving asset.

How Silicone Roof Coatings Can Help

A layer of silicone that is either sprayed or rolled has waterproof, moisture proof, and ponding water-resistant properties that can help withstand extreme weather, oxidation, and the natural expansion and contraction of roof structures.

On warmer days, when this layer is applied directly to your roofing system, UV rays are reflected away from your property, therefore, lowering your energy expenditures. With most roof coatings that see prolonged sun exposure, chalking or discoloration is not uncommon, but silicone roofing doesn’t experience this because it keeps its original color.

Your silicone roof coatings should last between ten to fifteen years after application. It is easy to clean and repair it as long as you have your roof checked by a professional to further inspect the condition of your roof.

ARH Roofing has years of experience using high-grade silicone coating materials. We also provide maintenance, repairs, and other roofing services that will be convenient and efficient for our valued customers.

Are you interested in Silicon Coating?

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