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Concrete Tile Roof is a heavier form of tiles in which they are perfect for almost any type of weather. Unlike Clay, they don’t have a tendency to crack when exposed to a very cold climate. They can be formed into various shapes such as mimicking stoned-roofs, slates, wood shakes, and even clay. It also offers many colors that suit your home aesthetic. Though, in comparison with clay, the colors for concrete tiles might fade overtime due to the components and technology used to paint it.

It is important to take note that Concrete Tiles are more energy sustainable than Clay Tiles. This is because Concrete Tiles uses lower temperature in a shorter amount of time, thus, less power outage needed. They are made of cement, sand, and water and have been around since the 19th century. They are regarded as a dependable roofing material.

Durability: How Long Does a Concrete Tile Roof Last?

Concrete tiles will often last as long as the house they are built on if installed correctly. It is crucial that your roof can handle the weight by having a good roof structure and adding an extra coating to minimize stains since they have a higher water absorption property – meaning they can be prone to develop mildew and stains, and can add more weight to the already heavy tiles.

In addition to being Class A fire-resistant, concrete tiles are extremely durable because they are highly resistant to: Rain, Hail, Wind and Seismic activity.

Licensed professionals with positive feedback should perform your roofing installation. When professionally installed and properly maintained, your concrete tile roof can last from 40 years up to 50.

Concrete Tile Roof Cost & Upkeep

The cost of composite shingles made from petroleum is rising, making tile roofing more and more affordable.

Concrete tile costs vary based on which of the following you select: a unique shade, a simple tile in a variety of hues and much more. However, the price range for concrete roofing is narrow, therefore we advise selecting the best-available tiles.

This kind of roofing requires little maintenance. In most cases, the only maintenance required is occasional power washing to get rid of moss and algae and inspections after a bad weather. It’s important to note that moss and algae don’t actually damage tiles. However, with routine maintenance, you can keep the valleys of your roof clear of trash and ugly growth.

ARH Roofing has years of exposure and understanding when it comes to different types of roofs. Rest assured our services are following quality updated protocols and using high-grade materials for a reasonable price.

For all of your concrete tile roofing needs, turn to the professionals at ARH Roofing. All different kinds of tile roofs have been removed and the underlayment replaced with our assistance. We’ve installed tile roofs on newly built homes and replaced storm-damaged tile roofs.

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